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Tosca Cafe, San Francisco

It was a good chair …YEAH-UH-YEAH-UH!

Look closely and you’ll see your hidden home away from home. The Mirrorcube is a nearly-invisible treehouse that truly blends in with nature. Built with exterior walls made from reflective “spyglass,” the pre-fab structure reflects its surroundings to become almost undetectable. (An infrared film, invisible to humans but visible to birds is placed within the glass to stop kamikazes.) Designed by Scandinavian architects Bolle Tham & Martin Videgård, it’s got a wood and aluminum body, and comes complete with restroom, queen-size bed, and Goonies-esque rope bridge.

The treehouse in the backyard of my treehouse…

Project: Marine and World Heritage Centre “Wachau”

Location: Krems, Austria

Architect: Najjar & Najjar Architekten

The design includes a new shipping pier and a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

LOVEBUG-1 by on Flickr.

lovebug said the doodlebug…


Memento mori interior designs.

Take a closer look….


Memento mori interior designs.

Take a closer look….


be an archiphile

Next time i sleep outside it’s gonna be like this.


St. Louis artist Sarah Frost uses thousands of keys from discarded computer keyboards to create enormous textured grids.



Braun T3 transistor radio (1958)

It’s obvious where Apple got its inspiration.

Apple ain’t that original it seems.